Marine Essence Biosciences - Feb 2021

Get the Skincare You Deserve with
These 3 Ingredients

You hear it all the time: the skin is the biggest organ in our body so it should get the extra attention it deserves. But oftentimes, we fall down the skincare rabbit hole and fail to recognize ingredients that actually add value to our skincare routine.

On average, women use 12 different beauty products on a daily basis — cleansers, toners, lotions, make-up, just to name a few. As a result, they are allegedly exposed to 515 synthetic chemicals from just one daily routine alone. How many of these products actually rejuvenate and replenish our skin? The answer is, not enough.

There is a big disconnect between our approach to beauty and its long-term implications on our health. More often than not, you don’t need a cocktail of chemical components to get a glowing skin from the inside out. Effective and safe skincare means that less is more, as long as you make each ingredient count. 

Achieve more with less by using Sea Cucumber Collagen

You’ve likely heard the buzz around natural ingredients — the unsung heroes of our overly-complicated skincare routines. But have you ever wondered what they do for your skin and if they actually work to make our natural beauty stand out? Not all natural ingredients are created equal, but there is one that works for sure — sea cucumber collagen

Because it is rich in active ingredients, this marine essence® collagen* can smooth, repair, and hydrate the skin. It is filled with antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, and peptides, becoming your one-stop source of replenishing and rejuvenating ingredients. Let’s explore how these ingredients work, what they do for our skin, and why we should get more of them to advance our skin regeneration efforts.

Marine Essence Biosciences - A revolutionary skincare line that provides a high-purity collagen alternative to mammal-derived collagen, effectively eliminating health risks and cultural limitations that come from it.

1. Antioxidants
One of the most-coveted skincare ingredients is antioxidants. They act as a barrier for our skin against pollution and environmental damage, thus preventing their visible impact on the skin. The result is a more vibrant, healthier-looking skin tone with fewer signs of aging.

Dermatologists agree that antioxidants are a must for our skin regimen because they reduce and counteract free radical production. This is a source of oxidative stress, which occurs when an imbalance takes place between free radicals and antioxidants — basically, too many free radicals and too few antioxidants. Oxidative stress takes its toll on our skin and accelerates the skin aging process.

That’s why antioxidants play a major role to soften the formation of free radicals and contribute to a healthier skin. Skincare products incorporate antioxidants into their formulations in an attempt to transfer these benefits to the skin. For example, Coenzyme Q-10 (or CoQ10) is an antioxidant that our skin produces on its own, but applying it topically has been found to increase antioxidant activity in stressed-out skin. Other benefits of topically-applied antioxidants include:

  • Better sun protection: Antioxidants take your sunscreen to the next level by ensuring maximum protection and additional repair for your skin by neutralizing the free-radical damage caused by sun exposure.
  • Reduced inflammation: Free radicals and inflammation basically occur at the same time. Given that antioxidants neutralize free radicals, they also calm chronic inflammation in the skin — including redness, flakiness, or irritated skin.
  • Preventing premature aging: Topical antioxidants contribute to a more youthful-looking skin and defend it from the triggers that lead to extrinsic aging — chronic sun exposure, smoking, pollution etc. However, antioxidants do not slow down intrinsic or chronological aging.

2. Fatty Acids
Fatty acids are a vital component of the stratum corneum, which is the outer layer of the skin. Together with sebum and ceramides, fatty acids hold together the cells from the outer skin layer. If a fatty acid deficiency occurs, our skin cannot function properly resulting in scaliness, dryness, or irritation might occur.

The fatty acids in our skin have three important functions:

  • Reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL): This relates to the skin’s ability to retain moisture. A decrease in TEWL means that the skin’s barrier function is intact.
  • Antimicrobial: Keep bacterial growth under control by killing or inhibiting microorganisms.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduce the production of molecules and substances that have been linked to inflammation, such as inflammatory eicosanoids and cytokines.

Essentially, if any of these functions are compromised, it will affect the integrity of the skin. Fatty acids form an antibacterial, water-resistant barrier in order to help the skin protect itself from infection.

All in all, fatty acids function as a skin replenishing-ingredient contributing to a better-looking skin — soft, smooth, and supple — by fortifying the skin’s surface and adding a much-needed layer of hydration. In the long run, fatty acids will prevent moisture loss and add a plump appearance to the skin.

3. Amino Acids
Amino acids are indispensable for maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin. They are building blocks that contribute to the formation of peptides and proteins, and play a part in all biological processes that go on in our bodies. Depending on how they are combined, this will determine which protein they will form and how they will function.

There are 20 amino acids that are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some are naturally produced by our body and work together with our water system to add moisture to the skin. Others function as antioxidants, but most amino acids help the skin produce its own antioxidants. Here are some of their most important functions:

  • Hydration and water retention
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote antioxidant protection 

Amino Acids and Peptides
When combined together, amino acids can form peptides, protein fragments that have anti-aging properties. When applied on the skin, they can increase firmness, texture, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Without peptides, our skin would be riddled with wrinkles, brittle nails, and dry hair that easily breaks.


Boasting a long history of use in the East, sea cucumber collagen is now becoming a staple ingredient among the beauty-obsessed worldwide. It has an impressive profile of active ingredients that combines antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, and peptides to target the appearance of fine wrinkles while also leaving the skin hydrated and energized.

In the never-ending quest for natural beauty and a healthier lifestyle, knowing the right ingredients for your skin is half the battle. The other half implies finding the right products for your skin that rely on bioscience and collagen extraction technology to preserve and enhance the natural ingredients found in sea cucumber collagen.

Marine Essence® Biosciences is committed to revolutionizing skincare by producing restorative skincare products and dietary supplements that support a healthy skin, as well as a healthy mind.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of sea cucumber collagen in your life — as an immunity booster, insomnia relief, and all-around skin healer.

*  Patent No. 10758594
Biomaterial Devices and Topical Compositions for Treatment of Skin Abnormalities (US) was granted in Sept, 2020